Hello, my name is Marquis, and I am a student in the Leveraging Education for Advancement Program (LEAP).  The LEAP program is an inclusive post-secondary education program at Albany Technical College in Albany, Georgia.  Welcome to my website.  I share many of the exciting life-changing experiences I have had in the LEAP Program.  You will see pictures and reflections on my school life, social life, and work life.  I have also included my Student Transitioning into Adult Roles (STAR) Person-Centered Plan. These pages can be found along the top of my website.  Academic classes, workshops, activities, and internships will prepare me for employment as a Business Office Assistant and an active member of the community.

If you want to learn more about  the work I have done while at LEAP or think we may have similar professional interests, please contact me. E-mail me at mboone0391@student.albanytech.edu or leave a comment anywhere in my ePortfolio.  I welcome questions about my experiences in the LEAP Program while  at Albany Tech.