Fall Reflection

My School Life

What – describe what you did/tried

I spent hours on my school work and rewarded myself at the end of the week 

So what – what was the affect/outcome

Putting my school work first helped me apply my study skills by helping me find the best method for studying.

Now what – what did you learn? What worked or didn’t work? What would you do differently?

I learned the best way to  remember the material is by taking breaks and to not push myself too hard


Welcome to my ePortfolio

My name isimg_20150319_163727551_hdr Sheryl, and I am a student at the Georgia Southern University Eagle Academy. This website showcases my recent time as an Eagle Academy student and details many of the life-changing experiences I have had in the Eagle Academy. I have also included pictures and reflections on my school life, social life, and work life. I also have included my Person Centered Plan. These pages can be found along the top of my website. Academic classes and internships have prepared me for employment in the field underwater basket weaving.

If you are interested in the work I have done while at the Eagle Academy or think we may have similar professional interests, please contact me at smiller65@gsu.edu or leave a comment anywhere in my ePortfolio. I welcome questions about my experiences at GSU in the Eagle Academy.

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