How to Export MBOX Email to PDF?

Are you bothering about how to export MBOX email to PDF format or having a need to save MBOX files in PDF file format? Then, not to worry, you can try a perfect automated application i.e. MBOX to PDF Converter. It developed with a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface). So, anybody can smartly utilize this software without any problem on all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

MBOX file format is a commonly used file format and also supportable by many email applications including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Opera Mail, SeaMonkey, Eudora, Netscape, Postbox, Pocomail, Protonmail, Evolution, The Bat!, etc.

And there are a number of users who want to save their MBOX emails in a PDF format because PDF is a password protected and Portable Document format which is commonly known for its portability and safety. It can be easily accessed and viewed on any device and platform having no one problem.

Now, let us get to know how to export MBOX email to PDF format with attachments by using the MBOX to PDF Converter.

Steps to Export MBOX Mailbox Emails to PDF Format

First, you need to download and run the software on your Windows system. And then follow the step-by-step procedure to export MBOX to PDF format with attachments:

Step 1. Launch this MBOX to PDF Converter on your desktop, and click on the Select Files button.

Step 2. Use Select File or Select Folder button and upload MBOX emails for conversion. After adding MBOX files, press the Next button to continue.

Step 3. Avail the preview facility of every added MBOX email, and then click on the Export button.

Step 4. Select the Export type option as PDF and then choose PDF saving options – Advanced PDF saving options, and Filters.

Step 5. Now, select the Destination Path using the Browse button. Then, press the Export button to start the MBOX emails to the PDF conversion process.

Step 6. Take a view of the live conversion process with the complete status and green progress bar.

Step 7. Once the process complete, it will display a message of “Conversion is done”. Then, hit on the OK for achieving the complete task.

Valuable and Advanced Features of the MBOX to PDF Converter:

  • Windows-supportive: It is a fully windows-supportive tool that is easy to install on any Windows OS platform including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all below editions.
  • Supports batch MBOX files conversion: This software as no file size limitation. It supports batch MBOX file migration. So, you can export a large number of MBOX emails to PDF format without any kind of error or data loss.
  • Filters for Specified Data Conversion: The MBOX to PDF Converter also gives many advanced filters according to date, to, from, cc, bcc, and subject. By applying them, you can perform a specified data migration of MBOX files to PDF format without wasting too much time on bulk data conversion.
  • Dual-options to add MBOX Files: It gives dual options for users to add MBOX emails into the software i.e. Select Files and Select Folder. You can choose any option between them to import MBOX emails into the MBOX to PDF Tool. By using the “Select Files” option, you can choose multiple MBOX files using the Ctrl+A key. And by using the “Select Folder” option, you can choose a folder containing bulk MBOX files for conversion to PDF format.
  • Preview Facility to view MBOX email: This tool gives a preview facility for users to check every added MBOX mailbox email before applying the main migration step. After adding MBOX files into the software, the software will show a complete list of emails, you can view all emails by selecting one by one.

Free Demo: Export MBOX to PDF Without Any Cost

A free demo as an evaluation version of the MBOX Converter software is available to analyze and check the software’s working before getting the licensed version. The free demo allows you for understanding the process of how to export MBOX email to PDF. It can export 20 emails from each MBOX mailbox to PDF format without cost. For exporting bulk MBOX emails in PDF document format, you need to buy the licensed key of the MBOX to PDF Converter. We hope that this post will be helpful for you in saving MBOX emails as PDF format.

How Do I Bulk Import MBOX to Gmail?

Import Bulk MBOX Mailboxes in Gmail Account with Easy Process

Thinking about importing MBOX emails into the Gmail account or having a requirement to perform MBOX to Gmail migration process? If yes, then you are at the correct place for searching a solution to resolve the “how do I bulk import MBOX to Gmail” query in a few easy steps of the MBOX to Gmail Migration Tool. In this blog, you will find a complete guide with a step-by-step process to import bulk MBOX emails to the Gmail/G Suite account. So, read the post carefully and grab the best solution.

There are various users who are daily searching for a solution to save MBOX emails in Gmail or G Suite account along with attachments. And also on the digital market, there are many solutions available to solve the same, but here we would like to recommend you the most suggested solution –MBOX to Gmail, which is a well-developed and easy to use the application to import, move, and export MBOX files of any supported application like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, SeaMonkey, Opera Mail, Netscape, Pocomail, Protonmail, The Bat!, Postbox, and many more.

The solution to Import Bulk MBOX Emails to Gmail Account

Just download and install the CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail – an automated solution to successfully and accurately import MBOX files into the Gmail/G Suite account. This tool can safely import, and convert all variants of MBOX files such as MBOX, MBX, and MBS files to the Gmail account with all emails formatting, meta-headers, and attachments. The MBOX to Gmail software is a very useful and helpful utility for even technical and non-technical users to solve “how do I bulk import MBOX to Gmail” query. It also provides date-filters, by using which you can set a date range in the “From” and “To” section to perform specified data conversion from the MBOX file to the Gmail account.

Steps to Convert MBOX to Gmail & G Suite Account with Attachments

Step 1. Launch this tool on your Windows machine. Then, click on the Add Files or Add Folder option to upload MBOX files into the software.

Step 2. After uploading MBOX emails, click the Next option to continue.

Step 3. Now select the option between 1. Convert all MBOX files into the single Gmail account, and 2. Convert Each MBOX Mailbox into a separate Gmail account. Then, press the Next button.

Step 4 (a). If you select the first option, then enter the login details of your Gmail account:- Email ID and Password. Then, click on Export.

Step 4(b). If you select the second option, then fill the login credentials of the Gmail account for every added MBOX mailbox. Then, press the Export button.

Step 5. Once you clicked on the Export button, the software will start the migration process of MBOX to Gmail. You can view the live process with complete status.

Step 6. When the software completes the process, it shows the message of “conversion completed successfully”. Then, hit on the OK to finish the process.

Key Features of the MBOX to Gmail Tool:

  • Supports bulk migration of MBOX files to the Gmail account at once
  • Able to run on all the 32bit and 64bit editions of Windows OS including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Helpful for all professional and non-professional users to save MBOX emails into the Gmail or G Suite account.
  • Provides date-filters to perform certain date-range data conversion from MBOX to Gmail account
  • Compatible to convert any type of MBOX files including extension mailbox and without extension mailbox, MBOX, MBX, and MBS files to save into the Gmail account.
  • Developed with simple and easy Graphical User Interface to move MBOX in the Gmail account.

The Final Words

In this blog, we recommended the best and trustworthy solution i.e. MBOX to Gmail to precisely resolve the “how do I bulk import MBOX to Gmail” query without any issue. Everybody can smartly and simply use this tool on any Windows OS platform. This migration tool also offers a free demo version, which is helpful to understand the software functionality by moving the first 20 emails from the MBOX mailbox to Gmail account without any cost. After testing its working, you can perform bulk MBOX mailbox to Gmail migration in a single process.

How to Save Opera Mail to Outlook?

Thinking about how to save Opera Mail to Outlook and having need to save Opera Mail emails in MS Outlook application with attachments? If yes, then make use of the MBOX to PST Converter – a simplified solution to easily save Opera Mail emails into Outlook PST format with attachments.

Is There Manual Method Exists for Opera Mail to Outlook Conversion?

No, there is no manual method available to save Opera Mail emails in Outlook. There is only a third-party solution available to solve “how to save Opera Mail to Outlook” query. So, just grab the MBOX to PST Converter – a third-party application, which is well-capable to save emails from Opera Mail to Outlook PST format along with attachments.

But before you know how to save Opera Mail to Outlook, let us first know Opera Mail Email-Store Location.

Steps to Find Email-Store of Opera Mail

Follow the step by step procedure to know where Opera Mail saves its emails:

  1. Open “Opera Mail” on the browser and go to the Menu
  2. Hit on the “About Opera” option displaying under the “Help” option.
  3. Copy the store location as mentioned below:

C: Users\name of the machine\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\Mail

  1. Now paste into the “Folder Access bar”.
  2. Then go to Account in Store Folder to view emails in MBS.

Note: Once you get MBS files, then you have to rename them into .mbox for precise and error-free migration.

MBOX to PST Converter – A Great Choice for Opera Mail to Outlook Conversion

The software is a wonderful choice for all technical and novice users who need a solution to know how to save Opera Mail to Outlook. It can save all emails from Opera Mail mailbox to PST format including all email formatting, meta-details, layout, and attachments in an accurate way without any alteration. It offers too many features for its users to successfully save Opera Mail MBS file to PST format with 100% success result:

Steps to Save Opera Mail Files in Outlook PST:

Step 1. Download and run CubexSoft MBOX to PST Converter on your Windows platform.

Step 2. After launching this tool, go to the “Select Files” option, and then use “Select File” or “Select Folder” option for adding Opera Mail emails to convert into PST.

Step 3. Now, press the Next, and see all the added Opera Mail emails before applying the main conversion step.

Step 4. Click on the Export, and choose PST as saving file format. Then choose PST saving options – Split PST, Apply Filters, and Destination Path.

Step 5. After selecting the destination path, click on the Export to start the conversion from Opera Mail to PST format. You can view the conversion during the process.

Step 6. Once the process is done, click on the Ok for achieving the conversion.

After the tool finishes the conversion process, you will get output files at your desired location. To access Opera Mail emails in Outlook PST, you need to import output PST file in Outlook application. To know how to import PST in Outlook, you can follow this link:

Highlighting Features of the MBOX to PST Tool:

  • Supports bulk migration of Opera Mail files into PST format.
  • Output PST files are suitable for all Microsoft Outlook versions.
  • Easy to launch on any Windows OS machines including 32bit & 64bit.
  • No installation required of any supported application like Opera Mail and Outlook.
  • Preserves folder hierarchy intact during Opera Mail to Outlook conversion.
  • Provides preview facility for better conversion.
  • Advanced Filters are available for specified data conversion from Opera Mail to PST format.
  • Split PST option also exists for easy management.

The Final Words

A free demo as a trial version of this software is also available, which is compatible to save the first 20 emails from each Opera Mail mailbox to PST format without cost. After trying and evaluating its working, you can go ahead and purchase the licensed version of the MBOX to PST Converter to save bulk emails from Opera Mail to Outlook at once.

How to Migrate Data from Apple Mail to Office 365?

Migrate Bulk Apple Mail Mailboxes to Office 365 Webmail Account with Attachments

Need to migrate data from Apple Mail to Office 365? Then, you are in the right place. At the end of this post, you will be compatible to migrate Apple Mail mailboxes to Office 365 cloud. Today we will be discussing the most proficient and trustworthy method for email migration. So, let’s start.

About Apple Mail

Apple Mail is one of the commonly used email application included with the Mac Operating Systems by Apple Inc. Mac Mail includes the compatibility to configure the program to receive all of the user’s email accounts in a single list, ability to file formats into folders, ability to find for emails, and compatible to automatically add signatures to outgoing mails. It also integrates with the Calendar, Maps, Contacts list, and other apps.

About Office 365

Office 365 cloud email app is an online FREE email service offered by Microsoft. It is a new collaboration platform that gives a full-featured email system with web access, included calendaring, support for mobile device access, a campus contacts directory, and 50 gigabytes of email storage and 5 terabytes of document storage each account.

Free Method to Migrate Apple Mail Emails to Office 365 Account

Sorry! I am afraid there is no official method to migrate Apple Mail data to Office 365 webmail account. But, there is an alternate solution that exists i.e. CubexSoft MBOX to Office 365. Download and Install this proficient tool on your Windows machine. This software is specially developed for users who want to know how to migrate data from Apple Mail to Office 365 account.

Steps to Migrate Apple Mail to Office 365 Cloud with Attachments:

Step 1. Open Apple Mail email client, click on the “Mailbox” and then export emails to MBOX file.

Step 2. Run CubexSoft MBOX to Office 365 in your Windows machine.

Step 3. Click on the Add Files or Add Folder button and add Apple Mail mailbox files.

Step 4. After adding the Apple Mail files, click on the Next button.

Step 5. Now choose Office 365 saving option as per your choice: With Impersonation or Without Impersonation.

Step 6. (a) If you select With Impersonation option, then add the Office 365 admin login details. So, the tool can add every Apple Mailbox to different user accounts of the exact Office 365 admin account as per your requirements.

(b) If you select Without Impersonation option, then you need to add the login ID and password of each mailbox or user one by one where you need to save the Apple Mail emails.

Step 7. Now, click the Export button to start Apple Mail emails to Office 365 migration process. You can view the live migration process with the complete status.

Step 8. Once the software completes the process, the software will show the success message. Then, press the OK button for finishing the procedure.

This is one of the globally used methods to migrate data from the Apple Mail mailbox to the Office 365 account.

We had discussed how to migrate data from Apple Mail to Office 365 quickly. As we all know there is no manual method is exists. So, here we would like to suggest to go with the above-recommended solution to easily perform Apple Mail to Office 365 migration process.

Download Free MBOX to Office 365 migration tool and start moving mailboxes from Mac Apple Mail to Office 365 webmail account. The Free Tool allows you to migrate the first 20 emails from each MBOX mailbox to Office 365 account without cost. For migrating bulk Apple Mail mailboxes to the O365 cloud, you need to purchase the full edition of the MBOX to Office 365 software.