Export Windows Live Mail Messages to Outlook

Windows Live Mail is now not a freeware application from Microsoft Suite. Windows Live Mail is fully compatible with Windows 10 and all other windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, etc. But, now from 2012, there is no support for Windows Live Mail. In fact, Microsoft has added a new email application in Windows 10 launch (Windows Mail), still, several users’ wants to continue Windows Live Mail for their own reasons but at the point, because of its support discontinues many users want to switch Windows Live Mail to Outlook application as there is no point left to keep using Windows Live Mail.

How to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook?

If you have planned to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook, then with the help of the following method you can export Windows Live Mail emails to another computer

Method 1 – Export emails using Windows Live Mail

Yes, Windows Live Mail application has the option to directly migrate WLM emails to MS Outlook

1 – Open Windows Live Mail application then go to the File and click on “Export emails” option then navigate to “Email messages” option

2 – In select program windows, click on the option of “Microsoft Exchange” and then “Next”

3 – After seeing the export message click on the “Next” button

4 – Select the Outlook application from the drop-down given option and click on “OK”

5 – From the window of “Export Messages”, either you can choose all folders to export complete data or selected folders and the click on the OK to continue.

6 – Now you can see the status bar of the exporting process.

7 – You will receive a confirmation message, which confirms the successful completion of the export process.

It is recommended that when you export Windows Live Mail to Outlook, you need to make sure that both applications no running together because the reason is, it is found that running WLM at the same time with MS Outlook obstructs with Windows Live Mail functionality to export messages to MS Exchange.

Method 2 – Export from the default location of Windows Live Mail

Yes, it is possible to export Windows Live Mail messages from the WLM default location on your machine. You can drag and drop WLM messages to Outlook.

1 – Mostly WILM default location on you system is: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

2 – here you can find multiple folders having mailbox details

3 – Open Outlook and create a new folder

4 – Now, Drag and drop all the WLM messages to this folder

Method 3 – Windows Live Mail Converter

In method 1, 2, WLM allows us to export messages to Outlook but it doesn’t maintain the folder hierarchy, time-consuming, and involves very high-risk of error and data loss. So, here we are recommended automated, instant, and professional third-party tool. Windows Live Mail Converter is an automated application that automatically detects WLM emails from the default location and allows you to migrate them to PST format. Windows Live Mail Converter also allows exporting Windows Live Mail to Office 35 cloud-based accounts. No MS Outlook Installation required for the Windows Live Mail Conversion. Multiple file naming options are provided by the Windows Live Mail Converter tool for better data management.