Is it better to watch news live?

As we are progressing towards a technologically advanced phase we are able to know everything live. As rather than just simple calls, video calls have become prevalent. The same has happened to the news. Live news has become very popular among the masses. They prefer to see things themselves first hand than watch an edited version later. Viewers do not like unnecessary commentary and discussion on an important happening.

Benefits of live news:

  • Live news free from editing: there are no edits or photoshop. It is just like a video call by a person at the spot. The viewers are able to the exact ground reality as it is. This is preferred in the case if there has been an accident or a natural disaster. It is also common in the live shows. 
  • Enjoy the first-hand experience: live news lets the audience enjoy the happenings as they are occurring. There is not even a moment’s delay. So in case of a pop show or any other event that you really wished to attend but could not make it. This is the best way out to still enjoy it. The feeling is as if you are present there with the crowd. 
  • No download: the live news free from downloading. As it is a live stream, there is only buffering and nothing is downloaded or saved on the device being used. Hence there is a lot of space-saving, even while you have got all the information. 
  • No charges: live news is a part of online news and can be accessed without payment of any fee. You just need an account and you can log in and watch. There are generally no charges to watch a live news feed. You can access multiple news channels as well. Also, it is possible to view news from any corner of the world. There are no limitations. 
  • No crowding: if you are someone who does not like to be in crowded places then live news is just the thing for you. You can attend a live session even without setting a foot in the crowd. You are the only one or maybe your family members and there is safety at your own place. So no mess and no pushing around.
  • Better view: if you were to be at an event you could have seen the artists or performers from a distance. But when you watch it live the streaming is done from the stage itself. You get a view as if you are on the stage with the artist, you can see them so clearly. It is better to watch live now that the facility has been made available. 
  • Real-time update: as the name suggests there is real-time updation of the news. You can see everything as and when it is happening. It can be happy even or sad news. All is present in front of you as it is happening. You can see the events building right in front of you. You do not miss any important developments in the events. 


Live news is better than a piece of edited and stale news. In today’s world, we like everything hot, even the news. We like to get as it is cooking. The live news keeps you real-time updated. It is also cheaper. The only investment is an internet connection. It is available in the online section of the news. You can see it through an app or a website. Stay aware of the happenings around the world as they occur and have the latest information about the development in this field. 

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